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Currently, I live and work in Zaragoza, Spain. I studied Audiovisual Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid and I am interested not only in photography but also in other branches of communication as journalism and marketing.

I have worked as a trainee in the department of communication of a big company, as well as assistant in a startup, always on matters of graphic design, websites management and mailing. I have also managed the social networks of a commercial brand. In addition, I have designed and developed the website of B&B Casa Hamilton (Edinburgh, UK). I am currently Community Manager in a fashion website. Occasionally, I write on blogs about literature, music and journalism. Besides, I have been writing my own blog for more than six years and, most recently, I also post here.

I have always gotten along with computers. I have worked in GNU/Linux environments for seven years. I make use of the Internet and social networks daily, I know several content management systems, especially Wordpress, and I have basic knowledge of web development.

Regarding my audiovisual skills, I have been involved in several shootings, from planning to film editing, inside and outside the classroom. About assembling, I have worked with Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer. As for graphic design and editing images, I use almost daily Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and open-source image editor Gimp.

One of my big hobbies is traveling, and I have found in volunteering the best way to travel the world, learn and grow as a person. As for a local level, I have been colaborating with Solidarios para el Desarrollo in Madrid for three years.


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Mujeres fuera de campo (2016)

Women Offscreen. Are women made invisible in Spanish history of cinema?
Script: Roberto Hernanz
Direction and production: Roberto Hernanz, José Luis Pacheco, Candela Mainar