About me

I am graduate in Audiovisual Communication and I have a Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing. During the last four years, I have worked as a communication technician in different contexts and I have managed the social networks of two commercial brands.

I have always worked around graphic design, web management and the development of mailing campaigns. My usual tasks are designing posters, banners and images for their dissemination in social networks and websites, among others, as well as the layout and writing of mailing campaigns. Also, I manage SEO positioning and track statistics, both the web and the impact on social networks.

I have always liked computers. I have worked for eight years in GNU/Linux environments and I work almost daily between HTML and CSS languages. I also know several content management systems, especially WordPress. In terms of graphic design, I use daily Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and the free software program Gimp.

One of my hobbies is traveling, and I have found in volunteering the best way to travel the world while learning and growing as a person. At a local level, I collaborated with Solidarios for Development in Madrid for three years.